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Wednesday August 30, 2006

Feeling like caged animals. Weather generated by Ernesto has kept us in Toccoa. Long bands of thunderstorms and low clouds separated by very inviting but relatively short periods of "get in the air and fly" weather. This highlights one of the major items we must focus on when deciding to fly: If we were flying locally, staying near the home airstrip for a short period of time, flying would be feasible. But with long distance cross country flying such as we're doing, we run the very real probability of flying out of the "good weather" envelope and into bands of bad weather.

It's so hard to stay grounded when one of these "good" periods floats by. But then we look at the weather for our destination on the Internet, and usually see a read out similar to, "Low ceiling at 300, scattered at 1,200, intermittent rain." That takes the wind out of our sails.

So we wait. With luck we'll leave tomorrow or the day after. Usually after a hurricane passes the weather is good for a while, so hopefully we'll be able to make good time once this weather passes.

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