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Pledge per-mile

Now you can pledge your support for Baron's trip by making a per-mile pledge of support. Your pledge will be collected once a week for 12 weeks (the projected length of Baron's journey).

Pledge $. per mile for 3600 miles

Make a one-time donation

From $5.00 to $5000.00, every donation makes a difference! Please help this tremendous effort and show America what a grassroots program to educate and help save lives can do. You truly do make the difference, and we're glad to have you aboard.

Donate $. one time only

Make a recurring donation

If you can afford it, a great way to donate is by pledging monthly or annual support for the PowerChute Education Foundation. Just fill out the appropriate section below and start making a difference today. Every penny we get from your donation goes toward expanding the PCEF and ELLASS efforts!

Pledge $. every month

Pledge $. every year

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