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An exciting aspect of this trip is that you may participate by accompanying Baron on one or more legs. The first and foremost concern is safety. Since the goal of this trip is to promote PPCing as a fun, safe sport, we must do everything possible to minimize the chances that anything will go wrong while "the cameras are rolling." Therefore, anyone desiring to fly along must meet the following criteria:

  1. If flying a two seater, you must be a current UFI or BFI, flying under the exemption.
  2. Must have at least 100 hours of flight time logged.
  3. Must demonstrate flight proficiency by performing a preflight, takeoff and landing.
  4. Must have the fuel capacity to fly the leg and still have at least 30 minutes of fuel remaining.
  5. Must have a working radio (not a CB) and headset. Helmets are preferred but not a necessity.
  6. Must be appropriately attired, i.e.: at a minimum a clean jumpsuit such as can be purchased from WearGuard for about $40. There will be lots of press coverage, and first impressions are important.
  7. Must have a way to transport their PPC home from the destination airport.

The final decision of whether or not a PPC may participate in the trip rests solely with the PCEF staff. Safety is the ultimate concern.

With that said, we hope you'll join us for this historic event!

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