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When we say "coast to coast" we mean it... and a little bit more.

The Red Baron will be taking off from the USS Midway in San Diego and touching down on the USS Yorktown in South Carolina.

Take-off and landing views on the aircraft carriers.

Many of you have contacted me asking what it's going to be like taking off and landing on the flight decks of the USS Midway and the USS Yorktown. To be honest, I'm not sure! Having never done it before, it certainly will be a rush.

The views in these photos will give you a feel for what I'm going to be doing. Enjoy.

The chute will be laid out on the deck about where the benches are located. (The benches will be removed.) The distance from the front of the Voyager to the end of the deck is 300 feet.

This is a view of my take-off run from Vultures Row.

This is what I'll see as I land on the USS Yorktown. Only the middle third of the deck has been resurfaced, and I'm actually landing on the take-off portion of the deck.

My landing area as seen from Vultures Row. The distance from the end of the deck to where I must stop (which is not shown in this photo) is about 300 feet. I must land between a plane and a helicopter parked at the end of the deck.

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