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Sunday August 27, 2006

The weather kept us grounded yesterday, but this morning conditions were good. Rick and I lifted off at 7 and flew towards Toccoa. Rick had made refueling arrangements, and about two hours into the flight he landed to top off while I flew lazy eights overhead.

After Rick rejoined me we completed the flight, landing at Toccoa 3 hours 40 minutes after leaving Pickens. Originally I'd planned on flying on to Greenville (GMU) in the evening, but it seems there are some unexpected media opportunities, so we'll be here a day or two.

As I'm sure those of you who've been following this Log haved come to appreciate, the adage "If you don't want to land in it, don't fly over it" has not been adhered to on many occasions. I don't want anyone to get the impression that I'm advocating ignoring one of the most basic safety rules of flying. This is an unusual trip, creating unique circumstances. Every leg has been carefully planned, and I'm carrying a number of safety/emergency devices. The condtion of Voyager and all of it's components are carefully monitored every day, and preventative maintenance performed as needed. As I've mentioned previously, my confidence in the HKS four stroke engine is the key factor which allows me to fly such long distances over "no where to land" topography.

The end is so close... Will I be able to readjust to living in a house... What's it like not sleeping at airports... Are people in the real world as friendly as the ones at FBOs? So many questions....

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