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Sunday July 30, 2006

Couldn't leave Bowling Green yesterday due to thunderstorms, but headed out early this morning. A thin and broken layer of clouds was a 600 feet, but I could see through them easily, and headed south toward Cornelia Fort (M88) in Nashville. The further south I flew, the denser the layer grew. Not wanting to get caught doing "VFR on top" again, I found a thin spot and decended. Unfortunately the ceiling underneath was too low to safely fly, so I set down near Portland (1M5) to wait it out. Rusty showed up a while later, and we relaxed while keeping an eye on the sky.

Lifted off from Portland at about 7 and landed at Cornelia Fort at 8:15pm. A very nice small airport very close to the center of Nashville. Voyager is hangared, the RV plugged in, and tomorrow we do media stuff in Nashville.

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