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Monday July 24, 2006

Did a few media interviews today, and decided about 4 to push on to Lexington. I already knew there'd be a headwind and some thermals, but they generally diminish toward sunset. The destination airport is Georgetown-Scott (27K) located just outside of Lexington, a flight of 70 miles.

Lifted off at 5:50, and headed south. I diverted slightly to the east to avoid the inner Bravo airspace, and then flew south over some of the most beautiful countryside I've ever seen. I just wish it hadn't been so hazy.

Landed at Georgetown at about 8:30. A very nice airport in the middle of blue-grass country. Rusty had just arrived, we hangared Voyager, plugged in the RV and had a delicious dinner. Tomorrow should be a good media day.

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