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Friday July 14, 2006

Live interview on FOX this morning, then a few other interviews during the day. Used the courtesy car to restock a few items from Walmart, and make the obligatory stop at Dairy Queen.

The Aluminum Overcast, a B-17 operated by the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) landed here yesterday. After the FOX interview, Rusty brought Voyager over to the B-17 for some photos. It was very cool. The contrast is amazing. Even more striking is how much interest there was among everyone present, including the crew of the B-17, concerning Voyager. I answered questions for 20 minutes, and posed for photos with the crew. Here they are, flying around the country in this wonderful bomber, and they're excited about having their photo taken with Voyager. How neat is that?

The good weather is too good to ignore, so I'll be flying this evening to Greenville (GRE). It's only about 100 miles.

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