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Sunday July 09, 2006

Wow! What a treat. The Baugh's have created a fabulous facility with an 86 acre airfield as the crown jewel. Takeoff and landing into the wind is always possible. It's been designated an "official" airport by the FAA and been assigned a CTAF frequency. Cool!

Ernie and Alice welcomed us as if we were family, and we've had a blast. Unfortunately a line of thunderstorms has been moving towards us, and we only managed to fly for a half hour. But Rusty took some excellent video. Upon landing I had a small equipment problem, but it was soon corrected and Voyager is tip-top again.

Tim McCord showed up, and it was satisfying to speak with one of the major Sponsors. Apparently Performance Designs is quite happy with the progress of the trip, and the way their chutes have performed. I'm glad to oblige.

Many of you have been writing, asking questions. I'd appreciate it if you would go to the forums at, register, and post your questions in the Cross Country forum. I check them every few days, and will be glad to answer your questions there. That has the advantage of "spreading" the answers to everyone. Believe me, if one person asks a particular question, a few dozen other people have the same one. The forums are a great venue for answering these questions.

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