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Saturday July 08, 2006

Wheels up at 5:45. Springfield is 82 miles away, directly into the wind. (Are you getting as tired of reading that as I am of typing it?) No use flying higher than 150 agl if any headway is to be made. Finally reached Springfield Downtown four hours and 11 minutes later.

The Springfield airport is great for PPCs. Hundreds of acres of manicured turf. Such a joy to use. Wish I had a facility similar to it near my home. After settling in I recalled that Tim McCord, of Performance Designs, had asked that I visit the Baugh's flight park near Reed, about 60 miles west of Springfield. I gave them a call, and since nothing was going to happen on Sunday anyway, we decided to go there immediately. Stowed Voyager in the trailer and arrived at the Baugh's at 10pm.

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