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Thursday July 06, 2006

Lifted off from Billard and smacked right into a hefty headwind again. This song is getting old. Michael radioed that he thought he had a fuel leak, and wasn't going to fly. So I dropped back to 200 agl where the headwind wasn't as strong, and headed off to Johnson County Executive (OJC), on the outskirts of Kansas City. It was only a 50 mile flight, but took 2 hours 27 minutes. After interacting with the tower I landed, and Rusty and Michael rolled in a little while later. We secured a corner of a hangar for Voyager and a location to park the RV and trailer.

Michael contacted the media, and we were rewarded with two immediate positive responses, one from the only newspaper in Kansas City, the other from the FOX TV affiliate. Three other TV stations expressed interest, and will get back to us.

The media exposure is starting to have an effect. When I walked into the FBO two of the people sitting there immediately recognized me from the article in the Topeka newspaper. The EAA apparently ran an article in the latest edition of its publication, and people are telling me they're familiar with what's going on through that. The repeated TV appearance are helping as well.

A man named Skip Williams came to the airport to meet me. He just purchased a PPC and wanted to pick my brain about flying them. He's been a fixed wing CFI for decades, but PPCs are new to him. We had a great time swapping hangar tales, went out for ribs (ate WAY too much), and then I stayed at his house overnight. What a luxury to sleep in a real bed again, and not awaken to the roar of engines spinning up in the morning.

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