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Saturday July 01, 2006

Took off exactly at the start of civil twilight from a fairly flat patch of the Ludwig's cow pasture. The headwind was already at 5 mph. Michael decided not to fly, as he would've run out of fuel.

Three hours and 41 minutes later, a roller coaster ride all the way at an average of 150 agl, I landed at Morris Yoder's landing strip in Hutchinson. That's a long time to travel only 61 miles. Morris and his family are extremely hospitable, and if you're ever flying a PPC near Hutchinson you should give him a call. Morris is a veritable font of PPC and Sport Pilot information.

This "early getting up" regimen isn't setting well with my body clock, and I conked out, sleeping on the couch in the Yoder's basement for most of the day. Still didn't feel 100%, but it helped.

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