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Saturday June 17, 2006

Pesky Mother Nature

Although the FBO at Raton is fabulous, we know we need to keep moving. Unfortunately Mother Nature hasn't been cooperative, and two fronts have moved through in the past 3 days. Winds were as high as 60 mph.

On the next leg, through the Raton Pass, due to it being so high and fairly narrow, wind is of particular concern.Wind conditions which would be acceptable out on the plains aren't acceptable through the pass. So we must wait patiently. Today would've been a good morning to fly, except we're headed north, and the wind is coming from almost due north. Hopefully tomorrow will be favorable.

Yesterday was spent swapping in some new parts onto the Voyager that were showing signs of wear. Specifically, the nose plates were bending. Voyager is relatively heavy for a PPC, and the weight combined with continual landings on paved surfaces in less than optimal conditions had taken their toll. Rusty and I took off the front wheel, the cowling, and then removed the goose neck and plates. Putting the new plates in wasn't as onerous as I thought it would be. Phoenix did a great job in pre-drilling the holes, and very little reaming was needed to get the bolts through.

In the middle of the parts swap I stopped for a one hour live interview on the Chuck Baker Show, out of Colorado Springs. It was great. Obviously he'd thoroughly studied the media packet, and asked questions which really let me explain what we are doing and why. He's excited about the trip, and hopes to help organize a big turnout for our arrival at Meadow Lake (00V) outside of Colorado Springs. The media jugernaut is starting to get into gear!

Today we're going to have lunch at the FBO (Fern prepares a hamburger that's unbieleveable!), then drop the trailer and head into downtown Raton to soak up the ambiance.

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