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Sunday June 04, 2006

Onward to Double Eagle

Woke at 5 (joy, oh joy), and wheels up at 6. The forecast had changed a bit, providing a little more tailwind than expected.

Michael shot some very nice video soon after lifting off from Grants. The lava beds from Mount Taylor are spectacular. You have to wonder why anyone would want to own that land, let alone fence it. It can't be used for anything.

The flight was, with a few rare exceptions, very smooth and enjoyable. Total time enroute was 2:19. Touchdown was smooth, on the ramp in front of the hangers at Double Eagle (AEG). Michael had touched down a few minutes before, and Rusty showed up with the support rig a few minutes later. We're operating like a finely tuned watch.

We'll be at Double Eagle through Tuesday for media events, and then we push on...

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