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Sunday May 07, 2006

Pulling up stakes in Jacumba.

After pulling up stakes in Jacumba yesterday, we drove to El Cajon and settled into a WalMart parking lot. Not conducive to flight activities, but very convenient for restocking supplies and Internet access. We slept in late this morning (such a luxury!), and decided to spend the day catching up on communications and planning all the details necessary for the Midway take-off. So there's not going to be much to report today.

However, to provide a bit more content, here are some photos from Jacumba, demonstrating our contribution to protecting the border. These fine Border Patrol Officers dropped in, (you can actually see their truck sitting on the border in the lower left hand portion of yesterday's photo of the border, the lower right photo), having observed us flying in the morning. It was generally agreed that would be a very cost effective way to increase the effectiveness, and maximize the manpower of the border patrol. Who knows... maybe someday.

Tomorrow will be a big day. We're scheduled to arrive at the Midway to meet with the personnel, and be sure everything will work smoothly vis-a-vis loading the Voyager onto the ship. Time seems to be speeding by....

The Red Baron with Border Patrol The Red Baron with Border Patrol
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