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Friday May 05, 2006

What a past 24 hours! Yesterday morning we found out that unfortunately we'd lost our driver, again! So I put out the call on the PPC Flying Forums, as well sent a short letter to all registered Forum users.

Within an hour I was receiving e-mails and calls from all over the country from potential candidates, or people who were referring me to potential candidates. As fortune would have it, one of the people who wanted the position was located only 20 miles from where we were, in Phoenix. Two hours after he called, he was in the RV and ready to go. So we're a complete team again. Find out more about driver Rusty Malone

This morning we awoke bright and early for an interview on the Pat McMahon show, a very popular talk show based in Phoenix, on AZTV. Taping started at 7, and my segment was taped about 7:30. It was about 8 minutes long. The show aired at 9. In a week or so I'll be getting a copy of the show, and the segment will be posted on the web site.

Today we're headed for a small airport about an hour from San Diego, were we'll stop, inspect the PPCs, and hopefully get in a flight or two this weekend.

That's it for now.

Baron on AZTV Baron on AZTV Baron on AZTV
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